In 2008, Microsoft bought trueSpace 7.5 from Caligari with the promise that they would develop the software. However, envision continued to work on the UI and icons for trueSpace 7.6 which would be the last and only version released by Microsoft. When development ended, envision were already hard at work on a new concept UI for trueSpace 8. During the development of the software envision provided hundreds of new icons and interface elements, tested the beta software and produced virtual environments, models and promotional literature for the company.

"I have known Paul for a very long time. I admire his CG illustration skills, and I was following his work for some time. His work on Caligari Icons was excellent, I was 100% satisfied with the results. Paul has an amazing work ethic and boundless energy. Rarely do I work with artists who always deliver their designs ahead of time and are willing to go to countless variations demanded by always unsatisfied management. I would hire him again in a heartbeat."

Roman Ormandy - Founder of Caligari Corp.